Welcome to the Stapeley & District Parish Council Website

Stapeley and the smaller parish of Batherton combine together to form Stapeley and District Parish Council. The Parish Council is here as "grass-roots" local government and is your first contact point for local issues - we live amongst you and we know the area well. Even if we cannot deal with the issue we will probably know someone who can.

The full complement of members is ten; nine represent Stapeley, which includes the urban and rural areas and one member represents the small parish of Batherton

While the parish has been in existence since 1866, it is only in the last decade, with the development of Cronkinson Farm and the proposed housing on the Stapeley Water Gardens site, that change has arrived in this rural area.

While the number of residents has been rising, the pattern of working has changed. In earlier times the population essentially lived and worked in the parish; now they live in but work outside the parish. These changes have had a profound effect on community cohesion. We hope that when the Community Hall opens, this will be a focus for local activities. For the latest information on the Community Hall click here.

Many of the issues raised by local residents relate to the Cronkinson Farm development and as most of the roads have been adopted it should be possible to deal with these matters. In the first instance, contact Cheshire East Council. If you continue to have problems then contact the Parish Council. Most of the roads have now been adopted but there are some areas which still require adoption. Until that occurs any problems are likely to require resolution between the householder and the developer. Click here to see a list of adopted roads.